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Welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy.

I have been posting poetry on Facebook for years now, and because of much pressure from friends and family who have enjoyed my work, I’m posting them in a more open source where more people will be able to access it.

Please, out of common decency, do not steal my work and claim it as your own. If you chose to share it, put my name with it, or a link to this blog.

Feel free to criticize, share your own work, or comment on mine. This is as much for you, my audience, as it is for me.

Thank you, and again, Enjoy.



Incandescent flicker
affixed exasperation
muffled thirst
drenched in hope
hapless anticipation

I see the stars glow bright at night
from atop my humble home,
their light ignites my dreams
while I drift away alone.
I fear one day that I’ll be joined
inside my cave of peace,
though I hide myself away,
the worries never cease.
I know my dreams can’t follow me
they are safe inside my head,
yet night seems their playground
as they torture me in bed.
They know that I’m helpless
and there’s nothing left to do,
But each night they scream inside
the stars can see me too.

Overflown (pt. 2)

how i long for cascading tides
for this all to wash away
losing all that matters most
as it was never meant to stay
i come to you with weary eyes
hoping that you’ll see
that which you read here
is all that’s left of me
the levies will never fail
torments of my head
i dream that they will break
send torrents to my bed
i hope one day to tear it down
or to even make a crack
though i know that i’m not free
chained by what i lack
i’ve lost the words i need
the ones that hold the key
erased from all time and space
locked inside my memory


The levies will soon break,
all through the streets
broken bodies building current
leaving nothing in their wake.

Puddles turn to streams
and lakes will meet the seas,
all that is has given way
to all that will ever be.

As fields flood from tired eyes
never turning in for sleep,
remnants of what came before
are never seen again.

Pouring free on tempered hills,
even dams are overflown,
all that is left behind
is that which had never been.